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Why Cozumel is ideal place for your PADI Open Water

I recently just finished a PADI Open Water (OW) course with two students last week, Renee and Michelle. Renee had done her Discover Scuba with me about 6 months ago and knew she wanted to come back to continue with OW. She also recruited her friend, Michelle, who had never been scuba diving before. Just a few days before the course, Michelle expressed concerns about doing the full OW course. I explained that she didn’t have to commit to the full course, she could simply start out with the Discover Scuba Diving program (which is the beginning of the OW course) and if she liked it, she could continue or she could just do the one dive and call it day. Well, after her very first dive, she was hooked! I think a big part of that reason is due to the fact that Cozumel is a great place for all level divers, especially beginners. Here we have:
– Warm weather, warm water
– Pool-like conditions in the ocean
– 100 ft. visibility
– Actually get to see marine life from the very first dive (parrot fish, seahorses, angel fish, eels, stingrays, crabs, lobsters)


– Dive in a marine park/protected area – Parque Nacional
– Cozumel is part of the second largest barrier reef system in the world

Furthermore, Renee explained she wanted to avoid cold water dives in New York where you have to wear thick wetsuits, hoods, gloves, boots etc… which is why she decided to come back to Cozumel. I sent her the OW manual beforehand so she could study before and not have to worry about reading the manual during her vacation time. We completed all the Open Water skills in three days of diving and once they finished their written exam, they were PADI certified divers! You can use a few vacation days to do your certification – don’t worry, you won’t be sitting in a boring classroom and you will actually learn in the environment you will be diving in!